Exhaling Tomorrow

These words mean nothing
you have already drawn what
power they had – willfully given.
My task – complete – seemed just
begun, but not nearly at yesterday’s
I am no longer the author –
you are no longer the student –
Always, you knew, if you felt
the cool breeze – if it invited
you to dance – you could refuse
with a gentle smile, politely covered
by a soft hand.
Breath easy, child, tarry not on
this path you so carefully chose –
I am not intending to turn
you from your journey, I simply
wish to walk beside you – for
a short while – and learn about
your world, your life… for I
harbor many unanswered questions
– to which only you can reply.
Brush away the cobwebs!
For your path has forgotten the
feel of tired feet and tightened knees.
Listen… and for awhile the
sound of my babble, with glee, will
play company for you –
stay on my sandy bank,
watch as a small leaf glides
on my back – carried joyfully along.
My nature is clear to me now –
as I twist and turn, back on
myself at times – I always
move on, forward. Pulled with
gentle insistence towards that
place where I meet the
ocean and mingle freely with
gifts of profound happiness –
So walk a little farther, for just
around the bend lie our futures,
forever separate but always touching
wherever the craggy earth embraces
my open waters. Meet me there
when you can –
and together we’ll sing a new song.

Eric W Hinton

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