Vermillion Meanderings

Two roses,
grew side by side,
one newly sprung from its seed,
the other nearly a season old.
Together they spoke, as only
roses can do, and the younger
often inquired
as to the nature of things.
The older, with greater patience
and knowledge, explained away
the mysteries,… happy to share.
One day, it chanced to rain, and
the younger rose complained about
the lack of sunshine. Quickly the
older replied that without the rain
they would soon wither away.
Days past, and one fine afternoon
a young couple happened to walk by,
and upon spying the two roses, they
paused to admire the sight.  The woman
pointed excitedly at the older rose,
its pedals open in the full bloom of
its life; the younger rose barely more
than a bud.  The man bent down and
gently plucked the older rose, which
he offered to his love.  Tears welled
in her eyes as she accepted his gift.
The younger rose cried as its companion
and teacher was pulled away, but the older
rose was happy and content.  As the couple
walked away the younger rose heard a faint
cry, as a seed, left from the older rose,
began to grow in its place.

-Eric William Hinton

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