The Straw Prince

Alone he stands,
sunshine warming away the morning’s dew,
alone he waits,
a playful song grows closer.
She greets him,
bright hair and billowing skirts –
exuberant hugs followed by
tsking… a shaking head,…
“what a mess you are”
she gathers pieces of him,
carefully stuffing his shirt,
making certain his legs are
strong enough to dance,…
she resumes the song,… sweet
music as she spins around
her prince,…
bright blue eyes –
two of Mother’s best buttons,
he smiles with joy as
she dances round and round.
She sits against him,… telling him
girlish secrets,…
the wind rustles through the field –
she hears his whispers of love.
She frowns,
their time is done,… for now,…
she stands and brushes off,
she blows him a kiss and
rushes off for home –
leaving him
until tomorrow.

– Eric William Hinton
– 10/10/97

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