Songs for a Distant Heart

Always the journey ends here
somewhere between the distant
horizon and the setting sun,
it is here, awaiting each new
day, that I can be found,
and it is in this place
that I think of you.
I pace trouble deep into the
ground and trample the earth
smooth while I search the depths
of conviction through and through
only to find a solitary
image in every direction
and it is of you.
Softly I call out without
sound, without feeling,
without desire or love and I
know it cannot be true,
so I reach deep inside
and sing out loud rainbows
and know it is you.
If I close my eyes
I can see a picture,
it is more beautiful than
the sun setting on a blue
ocean and peaceful like
a gentle autumn breeze
and it could only be you.
Laughter spills from my heart
and dances across open fields
as I spin and whirl to a song for
a distant heart that I once knew,
but this song I sing is everything
’cause this song is about you.

– 1/22/92

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