Joy in the Moment

With open happiness they stroll,
merged in spirit, joined by their
ethereal souls,… one-ness reached,
gained through the simple act of love
and sharing of the inner-most depths
of being, eagerly consumed by each other
until neither could be told apart.
Sweet ambrosial scents of spring join
their casual jaunt down the blossoming
path they whimsically chose to travel.
They pause long enough to purchase
a ride, enfolded by a horse-drawn
carriage, they enfold themselves with
emotion too strong for words to describe,
unbreakable by any mortal means.
Past wild buds of daisies they are
pulled with the persistent clip clop of
hooves upon old cobblestone.  The gentle
aroma of new life wraps them like a blanket,
scattering wisps of yesterday’s winter like
seeds on the wind, ruffling the green tongues
of grass with silent songs, joined by the
ever-youthful birds that flit here and there
among the looming branches that offer spreading
leaves to the noon-day sun… casting its own
warmth and love in kind recognition of the
children below.  The ride ends with a slight
jolt, the lovers depart with the driver’s
cheery laugh chasing them down the road until
they reach the end of the day… and the
night opens its arms and takes them to bed.

– Eric William Hinton

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