I seek you out in the cool dark as
the moon charms me into the soft embrace
that you devised to catch me

You are a torrid storm that passes across
the soil of my resolve until my tender roots
are left exposed and vulnerable

I circle scenes of you in my mind changing
details like a crazed director until all
is perfect then move to a new scene

You dance at the edge of every thought and
carefully pluck my attention leaving me confused
and lacking in the passing of your wake

I call out to the wide expanse of your hesitation
and whisper of a perfect dream that remains
long past every sunrise and sunset

You reach out slowly to have your hand (heart)
held (stolen) and a wait for the gentle kiss (promise)
that will catch you breathless forever (love)

I lay awake long after our gentle surrender playing
with the ends of your sleeping hair knowing the
moon will never allow us to escape this paradise.

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