The Dance

Laughter splashes,
bright festive colors –
flooding the room.
Nothing more than a
dream, a child’s mirth
bottled, saved,
– cherished –
held tightly –
the secret,
shared with a chosen few –
whispered between giggles,…
– let the dance begin –
the music starts softly,
gently guiding,
becoming the dancers.
Tempo quickens,
the dancers spin,
the world blurring beyond
the edge of sight,…
eagerly the dancers bend
to the song,… soon becoming
a single movement,
– daring to be told apart,
– consuming each other with
a gaze…
speaking a lifetime of language
with each passing moment.
This dance,
the first dance,
with clumsy feet
and awkward limbs –
somehow instilled with grace,
guided – yesterday’s wishes are granted –
they move as one.
Souls entwine,
thoughts blend –
the dance moves on,
promises are cried aloud –
spilled forth with reckless abandon,
lyrics sang loudly to all
– the secret revealed –
truth laid bare,
a testimony to the dance –
the partners surrender,
their gifts exchanged…
bound against golden words,
ringed with holy psalms proclaiming-
each tomorrow they shall share,
…their dance,
…their life,
…their love.

– Eric W. Hinton
– 08/07/1999

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