The Forge

It was –
through the haze, the heat,
a sunset collected within careful walls,
plunged with calloused hands into fire,
rolled over and spun with rough intent,
sweat or maybe love,
pounding, beating, shaping,
smoky blanket wrapping,
clear vision lost within passion,
it was here –
ringing notes keep a mad tempo,
jumping red amidst the constant roar,
blows timed in a perfect concert,
forcing lesson upon lesson,
purpose is bent to the will,
the glow sparks loudly,
a muscled arm travels a familiar path,
and the hammer falls with exact aim,
it was here –
bellows supply fresh air,
fueling coals, coaxing flames,
the moments pass with agony,
strength developing slowly,
invoked, encouraged, demanded,
new steam sings dull metal to life,
cool wisdom and persistence,
defining a soul, individual,
it was here –
that forged me
from metal to useful iron.

– Eric William Hinton

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