Hidden Treasure

Decisions leave fresh wounds
in a soft life, cutting deep
and closer to the heart.
Lost, unspeakable words
and drowning emotion
dance in swirling circles
as they lead inexorably towards
the edge of sanity, the brink of
fairness.  New thoughts and
blooming lament spread like
roots, speeding the erosion- but
also planting new changes
within this precious garden,
secretly inside this sacred place.
Warring feelings clash, unknown
and frightening.  A gentle hand
reaches out and clasps a lost soul.
Soothing tones and a little magic
spirit away the hurt, pain … and
in the end, it wasn’t help from the
outside,.. it was only a smile from
deep within the heart that needed
to be set free. A treasure to be

Eric W. Hinton

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