I stood there, in the drizzling rain,
The water soaked me, till it reached my heart,
the same as your love.
Now I watch the gray stone, cold and unmoving,
why now,. .why you?
It was a good time, of laughs and sharing,
but far too short.
I can only wonder, what if I had been there
. . to save you.
Pressed the wound closed, kept your precious life
within your body.
Held you and told you it would be ok, everything
would be ok. . .
Instead, you left . . .sudden and callously,
no call for help.
Choosing loneliness, for you and me, and not
bothering to ask.
Now you are nothing but a memory, an old
fading picture.
Your left your mark on the world, heavy and
sunk in the ground.
Yes, I will remember your love, but for now it tastes
like freshly dug earth.

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