Dancing at the Edge of your Dream

You gently take my hand and lead me in a spiral
ecstasy that leaves us far from the water that
puddles carefully at our feet. I pull you towards
me to brush the light from your eyes, seizing the
moment to steal your happiest tears away like a
precious cargo. You toss your head and greet my
wind with a warm embrace and bid me follow you to
descend deeper still into the glistening night
that devours and coats us in its wordless silence.
You move to speak and pour your heart in the finest
crystal, offering it with excited eyes and
trembling lips.  I sip slowly and savor your
soul with warm tendrils of electricity coursing
lovingly in each limb. You part your lips
and laugh softly, well within the echo of my
ears, a dangerous encouragement. I return the
cup refilled with my own desperate traffic eager
for the game to fill our silken sails with air.
After all has been sampled we turn our
secrets out and enfold vibrant until skin
nuzzles flesh into awakening from its long slumber.

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