Disillusioned Chimeras

How can you laugh with such candor,
blatant in your intent to my dismay,
callous; the color of your cruelty
paints vivid images of grey across my world.
Bent with weighty judgement, my back
snaps with a resounding cry,
splaying my good sense out onto
the pavement, to be trodden into the
cracks by unfamiliar feet.
Surrender!  The violence of thought
intrudes with spear-tipped pain,
lancing empathy before it rises from
the floor, where it lay beaten by
hate, disregard and apathy.
The purport escapes my grasping fingers,
slipping nonchalently past, an onus
too heavy to bear, yet easily assumed
until my heart rebels in insolence
with rankel insurgence – I am left
berift and empty – and lighter still.


Eric William Hinton

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